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History of H.O.G.® Rides

History of H.O.G.® Rides

H.O.G.® Rides with Roughneck Harley-Davidson® Chapter

The concept of H.O.G® rides has been around since the early 1900s. It was first used by Harley-Davidson®, which coined the term "H.O.G." as an abbreviation for "Harley Owner Group." 

The Iron Horsemen, a group of Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts who wanted to ride their motorcycles cross-country from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, organized the first H.O.G.® Ride in 1983. This ride took them through 11 states and over 2,500 miles. 

The original objective of H.O.G.® was to teach members a sense of belongingness and camaraderie among themselves that went beyond just owning the bike itself. This concept then escalated as time went by. Members enjoyed attending local events, going on group rides together, and having access to exclusive promotional merchandise from the company. This allowed them to feel like part of an exclusive club while still being able to enjoy their motorcycles. Over time, the idea behind H.O.G.® spread to other motorcycle manufacturers, with various companies establishing their own groups of riders. 

Today, H.O.G.® rides are still popular among motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. They are now usually organized as charity events or simply for fun, with riders gathering together in large groups to take part in long-distance rides. These rides can last for days or even weeks, with some staying on the road for thousands of miles in a single trip. 

The group rides that H.O.G.® members would take together were an integral part of the experience. The local H.O.G.® chapter frequently organized these rides, which could include hundreds of participants who would travel in a sizable caravan along their predetermined route. This allowed members to get out on their bikes while still feeling safe and surrounded by fellow motorcyclists. It also gave a great opportunity for members to bond while witnessing some of the most scenic routes in America. 

Whether you're an experienced rider or just getting started, H.O.G.® Rides is a meaningful way to enjoy trips with peace of mind. With careful planning and proper preparation, these rides can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding, and they will always be in your memory. So why not join your local riding group today and embark on your own H.O.G.® Ride adventure? You won't regret it!

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